Armed police break-up street fight and seize almost 100 weapons as rivals clash

A shameful street fight between rivals was broken up by armed police who seized almost 100 weapons from one house.

Frightened residents looked on in horror as gangs of men carrying baseball bats, knives, and an imitation firearm clashed in a street in South Tyneside, Chronicle Live reports.

Neighbours called 999 as a result of what they saw but some people who witnessed what happened were too afraid to make statements about it.

Prosecutor Alec Burns told Newcastle Crown Court trouble flared at Aaron Drive, Jarrow, on a Saturday afternoon last June.

"At one address there were a great number of weapons, machetes, knives, bats, and poles, almost 100 in total," he said.

Nobody was injured in the disturbance but CCTV footage showed the men carrying a range of weapons.

Seven of the men involved have now been convicted for their role in the disorder.

In November last year, Dean Ratcliffe, 25, Conor Williams, 25, and Kieran Lincoln, 26, were all locked up for their part in the violence.

Ratcliffe, of Leslie Avenue, Hebburn, was jailed for 19 months after admitting affray, possessing an imitation firearm and assault.

Williams, of Aaron Drive, Jarrow, was sentenced to 20 months behind bars after pleading guilty to affray and possessing a bladed article.

Lincoln, of Olive Street, South Shields, was imprisoned for 14 months after admitting affray.

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Now four more men have been given suspended jail terms for the parts they played.

Cory Patterson, 25, of Emlyn Road, South Shields, Daniel Purvis, 30, of Bishops Crescent, Jarrow, William Tisseman, 23, of Vespasian Street, South Shields and Shaun McCord, 34, of Abbey Drive, Jarrow all admitted affray.

The court heard on the day of the confrontation, Patterson was seen chasing after rivals who were in vehicles, Purvis threw a bottle, Tisseman threw rocks, and McCord, who was armed with a pole, caused damage to a 4X4 vehicle and smashed one of its windows.

All four men were sentenced to 14 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months with 80 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Edward Bindloss told the four men: "In general terms this was serious, large scale violence in the street, in broad daylight, seen by neighbours, at 1.45 in the afternoon on a Saturday, causing serious distress to members of the public."

The judge said the four played a "more limited" role than others, are not heavily convicted, have good work records, and provided references to their ordinarily positive characters.

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