Army officer vigorously motorboated’ female junior soldier during ceremony

A US Army officer "motorboated" a soldier during her promotion ceremony because "he liked looking at her t**s".

Capt. Billy Joe Crosby Jr. has been allowed to retire without any sexual offence to his name after pleading guilty to burying his face in the chest of a junior colleague.

A general court-martial convicted the former Louisiana National Guard officer of charges stemming from “motorboating” a subordinate while deployed to Jordan in May 2021.

Prosecutors described “motorboating” as “when a person places his or her face between a [woman]’s breasts and shakes his or her head back and forth while making sounds resembling a boat motor.”

Logistics officer Crosby was in Jordan with the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team when “multiple Soldiers immediately reported the behaviour, and Crosby pled guilty at trial.”

When Crosby found out that the junior soldier was selected for promotion, he reportedly twice announced his plans to “motorboat” her during the informal ceremony.

He explained the location of the Army Combat Uniform’s rank patch on the chest was for such actions.

According to prosecutors, a non-commissioned officer (NCO) witnessed both statements.

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Crosby even told the NCO a few weeks before the assault that he wanted to take the junior soldier on a driving trip to another base in Jordan because “he liked looking at her tits.”

The junior soldier told Crosby that she did not want a promotion ceremony but the following day, Crosby “approached [the junior soldier], told her to stand up, placed the rank in front of her chest, leaned in the grab the rank with his teeth…then placed his face between [the junior soldier]’s breasts…[and] vigorously moved his head from side to side between [her] breasts while still holding the rank with his teeth.”

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division started conducting interviews with witnesses within two weeks of the incident.

Maj. Jessica Rovero, a spokesperson for the command overseeing the trial, told Army Times in a statement that Crosby’s “behaviour is not in line with the Army values.”

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Crosby struck a deal that erased the abusive sexual contact charge and instead pled guilty to assault consummated by battery — a non-sexual offense — and conduct unbecoming.

The removal of the abusive sexual contact charge meant that Crosby did not have to register as a sex offender.

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The plea deal means Crosby can still take home his retirement package which would have otherwise been stripped from him as the judge gave marching orders from the Army.

A Louisiana National Guard spokesperson, Lt. Col. Noel Collins, confirmed that Crosby retired March 31 after completing his confinement and returning home.

The judge sentenced Crosby to 30 days.

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