B.C. movie, music theatres implement ‘social distancing’ amid coronavirus pandemic

British Columbia’s movie and music theatres are implementing social distancing policies to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Landmark Cinemas says it will only sell half as many tickets as there are seats in every screening room so that moviegoers will be spread out from one another.

“Our reserved seating system has blocked every other loveseat recliner or conventional chair to dramatically increase personal space.”

The company has also boosted cleaning and will require customers to get a new bag or cup for popcorn and drink refills.

Cineplex says it is also increasing its cleaning schedule in high-traffic and contact areas, and ensuring staff aren’t financially penalized if they stay home from work due to illness.

Vancouver’s independent Rio Theatre is also encouraging moviegoers to sit further apart from one another.

“We seat over 420 people, so it’s very easy for guests to practise ‘social distancing’ and leave empty seats between you,” said the company.

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