Back from the dead! Chinese man with Covid being taken to morgue actually still alive

China: Pensioner inside body bag found alive

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A video that circulates social media shows the body bag containing the man being taken out of a van when the workers transporting him realise that something is going on. The man showed signs of life and the workers, at first can be seen frightened, backing away from the van.

Then, they come closer, open the body bag and remove a covering to find that the person, whom they thought dead, was still alive.

One of them can be heard saying in Chinese: “He’s alive. He’s alive, I saw it. Don’t cover him anymore.”

On Monday, 20 people diagnosed with Covid lost their lives in the financial hub of Shanghai, taking the death toll of the country to 5,112.

Mainland China reported 6,074 new COVID-19 cases, including 384 symptomatic cases and 5,690 asymptomatic infections, according to the National Health Commission.

In total, by May 2, the confirmed Covid cases were 217,836, authorities said.

Most people in the financial hub of Shanghai are still unable to leave their homes after more than a month of confinement.

But a gradual easing of curbs in five of its 16 districts from Sunday, home to about a fifth of the city’s population, allowed some to get out briefly.

The level of the restrictions varied from one residential complex to another.

In many compounds, a single person from each household could go out at a time, for a maximum three hours.

It is not clear if Shanghai is turning a corner in its campaign against the virus.

The number of new cases outside areas under the strictest precautions was up to 73 on Monday from 58 the day before – a setback after two consecutive days of no cases.

A period of no new cases is a key condition for a more significant relaxation of curbs.

The fast-spreading Omicron variant has tested China’s “zero-COVID” policy, inflicted a significant human and economic cost and stirred rare public anger in a sensitive year for President Xi Jinping, who is expected to secure a precedent-breaking third leadership term this autumn.

Dozens of major Chinese cities are in full or partial lockdown.

The latest was the central city of Zhengzhou, home to 12.6 million people and a factory of Apple’s iPhone manufacturer Foxconn.

The city announced on Tuesday it would impose new COVID-related movement curbs for May 4-10.

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