‘Bait’ dog who lost an eye and half her face in fights now unrecognisable

A "bait" dog with only half a face has been given a new lease of life and is now unrecognisable after finding a loving home.

Haddie, who was used as a form of target by cruel dog fighters, suffered horrendous injuries during her early life.

After being used as part of an illegal fight, she was left with “rotting” skin on his face, which had to be removed.

And she now only has one eye and facial disfigurement.

However, that didn't stop one woman from falling in love with her, The Mirror reports.

Erin Williams, 36, adopted the two-year-old pooch, who has now overcome an understandable fear of other dogs.

Ms Williams said: “She's become a real dog's dog, which warms my heart.

“We don't know much about her exact experience in that world, but it would likely have involved the dog fighters forcing their 'fighting dogs' to attack her relentlessly to 'train'.

"All the dogs in these situations are victims.”

The pair were brought together via charity Mutt Scouts, and Erin now describes Haddie as “sweet and goofy”

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She was, however, “terrified” of dogs when she was first brought home.

She added: “We would feed her hot dogs and introduce her to a dog across the park, then get a little closer and closer, until finally, she associated dogs with safety and treats.

“I think her personality made it possible in the end.

“She is incredibly smart and resilient, which I know helped the process.”

According to petkeen.com, About 40,000 Americans are involved in dogfighting each year. “Dogfighting is a hobby for some but a professional sport for others,” they said.

Bets on dogs can reach as high as £100,000 for a single fight, despite it being a crime in every single state in America.

The first arrest for dog fighting was thought to have been made in 1870, with the reward for reporting a dog fight today standing at around £3,500.

Ms Williams added: “Haddie is always there to remind me it's time to get out of the house for a walk, and she's always up for a free afternoon of napping.

“Just being safe and loved is enough to be happy.”

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