Banned driver caught by cops doing Asda shop in ambulance with blues on

Shoppers were left stunned after an ambulance pulled into an Asda supermarket car park while flashing its blue lights only for a family to exit the vehicle and start doing their weekly big shop.

And when police pulled the vehicle over they found out that the driver was banned from driving, the Manchester Evening News reports.

According to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, only emergency vehicles can be fitted with blue flashing lights, or anything that looks like a blue flashing light, whether working or not.

The only times when blue lights can be used are when responding to an emergency, at the scene of an emergency, when wanting to let people know you are there or wanting to let people know that there is a hazard on the road.

But officers in the Harpurhey area of Manchester on Wednesday, January 27, evening saw the occupants of the emergency vehicle – including a family – go into the supermarket to do their shopping at around 10pm.

After being tracked down, police discovered the driver was disqualified from driving and also wanted to be dealt with at court.

The ambulance has since been seized by the authorities and the driver was arrested by Great Manchester Police Traffic Officers and taken into custody.

In a tweet, GMP Traffic said: "This Ambulance was reportedly carrying a family when it arrived at #Asda Harpurhey with blue lights flashing.

"Occupants promptly went inside to do their shopping.

"Our divisional colleagues tracked them down & the driver was found to be disqualified & also wanted by the court."

In a further tweet, they added: "XT74 attended and seized the vehicle which is believed to have been purchased second hand.

"The driver has been arrested and is now en-route to custody."

In an emergency always dial 999, non-urgent crimes can be reported online or by calling 101.

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