‘Battling coronavirus so devastating my body was on fire but my teeth chattered’

A film producer who overcame the coronavirus has laid bare his harrowing account of how he was left “devastated” by the disease.

New Yorker Leon Chase, 47, took to Quora – a knowledge-sharing platform – to reveal his symptoms in a bid to warn people about the virus’s potentially damaging complications.

Speaking frankly about his experience, Mr Chase said he was likely exposed to COVID-19 on March 3, but didn’t start showing symptoms about a week later.

On March 17, he was officially diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.

Mr Chase said of the disease: “Coronavirus feels like the most devastating flu I have ever had.

“Intense bouts of fever, alternating with the kind of chills that, even with three sweaters on, make your teeth chatter uncontrollably.”

He added: “I’m ‘lucky’, relatively speaking because my temperature never went higher than 38.8.C, but even then, it felt like my body was burning up.

“Plus, a general feeling in my head that I can only describe as “heavy” or “flush” that makes every movement and activity feel like a massive chore.”

Mr Chase continued to describe the symptoms, which concerned Brits can compare here if they fear to have been exposed to coronavirus.

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The video editor, who claims to have no preexisting conditions and described himself as being in “decent physical shape”, added: “A few days later, I developed a very annoying dry cough.

“But again, I am lucky because there have been no chest pain or breathing problems, which would be a reason to be hospitalised.”

The survivor continued: “My appetite has been nearly nonexistent – I am normally a big eater, and it’s only been in the past couple days that I’ve been able to make myself eat anything.

“Even then it feels very gross, and I can only consume very small amounts.”

Mr Chase then made an urgent plea to people not to go outside.

His warning comes as the death toll from coronavirus pass 10,000 and cases across the globe near 250,000.

The New Yorker said: “Trust me, people. This virus is real. You do not want it. And you do not want to be the one who gave it to someone else.

“Chances are, many of you are carrying it already, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Stay home, and wash your damn hands.”

If you are unsure how to correctly wash your hands in order to best protect yourself from coronavirus, follow this link (see link 2)

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