BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts wet weather as below average temperatures set in

UK weather: Forecast predicts cloud with light rain and breeze

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood noted that temperatures will be below average for the time of year this week. She also noted that there would be a wet weather front moving in from the Atlantic. In addition to the low temperatures, there will be many clouds throughout the week with some areas having breaks of sunshine.

Ms Kirkwood said: “There is some patchy light rain in the forecast.

“You can see that this morning we have got a bit of light rain and that is slowly slipping southwards and it is going to weaken as the weather front.

“If you look at the isobars, the source is coming in from the Atlantic.

“It is going to be a breezy day and later on, another weather front coming from the west.

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“This morning there is some early brightness, behind it in some central and northeastern areas they will hang on to the sunshine.

“In the west, it is a different story, across here in western Scotland and Northern Ireland and southwestern England the cloud will be thick enough for some patchy light rain.

“Central and eastern areas will have something drier and brighter but will hold on to a bit of cloud during the day.

“Temperatures today will be ranging from thirteen to about 18 degrees.

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood says UK is set for heavy showers

“Yesterday it was just over 26C in cavendish but we are not going to see anything like that today or indeed this week.”

Ms Kirkwood also explained how the wet weather will move through the UK overnight.

She said: “Now as we head on through the evening and overnight you can see that we start off with some clear skies in the east.

“Our weather front coming in from the west will bring a decent amount of rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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“It will also move southwards and start weakening.

“Behind that, we are looking at some patchy light rain and drizzle and a lot of clouds.

“There will be widespread mist and frog tonight, particularly so over the hills and on the coast.”

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