BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns ‘heavy and thundery showers’ to pummel UK

BBC Weather forecasts thundery conditions across UK

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“Fairly cloudy start to the day” for Britain on Monday as heavy and thundery showers are expected to rise as we move through the day, BBC weather presenter Carole Kirkwood forecast. Temperatures will be not higher than 12C in the north and 18C in the south, with patches of rain making the day “cooler and fairly breezy”. Rain is set to continue as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures again up to 18C degrees and with some wind expected especially in southeast areas of the country, Ms Kirkwood warned.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This week’s forecast is a bit more unsettled than last week.

“We’re looking at some rain at times, it’s going to be cooler and it’s going to be fairly breezy.

“Today we’ve got various weather fronts connected with low pressure.

“One is sinking southwards from Scotland and the other one is moving up the East Coast, across the southeast of England.

“Both are going to bring rain and eventually they will merge, so it’s a fairly cloudy start to the day.

“As showers rise through the day, we’ll see further showers develop, especially in western areas but not exclusively.

“Some of those showers will be heavy and thundery.

“Temperatures today ranging from 12C in the north to about 18C in the south, with an increasingly strengthening breeze in the south itself.”

As we head on through the evening and overnight, she warned: “There’ll be a few showers around and with some clear skies, but it’s going to be another mild night.”

Referring to tomorrow’s forecast, she added: “We will start off with some rain, which will be heavy at times across southeast Scotland and northeast England, before it clears off into the North Sea.

“Behind it, we see return to sunshine and showers.

“There will be more sunshine around tomorrow than today.

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“But some of those showers could be heavy and thundery with temperatures up to about 18C or 19C degrees at best.”

As we head into Wednesday, she warned: “ A new weather front coming in from the Atlantic is going to bring in some heavy rain into the west, especially western Scotland.

“And that is going to be advancing and weakening, so any rain in the southeast will be fairly patchy.

“Behind it, we see a return to sunshine and showers, but Wednesday overall is going to be windy more widely with temperatures again up to the high teens”.

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