BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of chill takeover as two bands of rain to batter UK

BBC Weather forecasts rain and winds across UK

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said western areas of the UK will experience colder temperatures to start with this week while areas covered by thick cloud will experience milder conditions. Carol Kirkwood said a breeze will continue to affect some regions but gusts will be weaker compared to the strong gusts some felt at the weekend. Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning it is a chilly start for some of us, particularly so under clear skies in central and eastern areas.

“You can see an array of temperatures, blue for the west, and the temperatures are higher and that is because we’ve got thicker cloud with some rain in some western areas.

“That’s all going to be moving eastwards. The cloud ahead of the rain is building so we’ll just hang on to sunshine in the far southeast by the end of the afternoon.

“The rain clearing in Northern Ireland, you’re going to be left with a fair bit of cloud before the next batch of rain comes in later on.

“Temperatures today 10C to 13C and a brisk breeze, the strongest winds will be along the north and the west.”

Ms Kirkwood continued: “But they’re not going to be as strong as at the weekend.

“Through this evening and overnight, we say goodbye to the weather front, here comes the second one bringing in more rain, and, as we go through the night, it will tend to weaken as it slowly slips southwards.

“There’ll be some clear skies but a lot of cloud. The wind easing and temperatures vastly different from last night.

“It will be a much milder start of the day tomorrow morning.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster said the rainy front will weaken during the evening and overnight but some bursts of heavier rain will be possible on Tuesday.

She added: “Our weather front still fairly weak bringing all this cloud, some light rain across northern England and also into Wales.

“But through the day that will pep up, and we’ll see some heavier rain come back in through Wales.

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“To the south of that, there’ll be a little bit of brightness and some sunshine, and the same to the north of it. 

“But at the same time, we’ve got a weak front sinking south, bringing some showers.

“At times they’ll be heavy and potentially thundery as well but still temperatures 10C to 16C, above average for the time of year

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