BBC Weather: Europe gripped by ‘very hot’ temperatures despite ‘heavy downpours’ expected

BBC Weather: Parts of Europe to be hit by rising temperatures

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BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas said Europe could expect very hot temperatures in multiple areas. France, the UK and parts of Italy can experience the brunt of the wet weather and heavy showers. But for most parts across the continent, the next few days will remain hot and dry.

Ms Keith Lucas said: “We have seen some very unsettled weather recently across parts of Europe, including France and the UK as well.

“Another area of low pressure is currently bringing quite a lot of cloud and outbreaks of showery rain here.

“It is going to linger for another day or so but slowly clearing its way eastwards so I think the emphasis is on the unsettled weather is shifting further east.”

Despite this rain, the BBC Weather forecaster noted that temperatures elsewhere in Europe would be relatively high.

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Spain and Portugal are expected to see temperatures just shy of 30c.

Scandinavian nations will also see high temperatures around the mid 20s and mostly remain dry.

Much of east Europe and the islands will have blistering temperatures above 30c with plenty of sunshine.

Ms Keith Lucas continued: “It has been very hot across Portugal and Spain and we have some cooler air moving in so temperatures won’t be as high.

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“It is pretty hot for much of eastern Europe for Turkey and Greece having warm sunshine continuing.

“Meanwhile some heavy downpours across the northern parts of Italy.

“This rain will particularly be impacting France as well.

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“Spain and Portugal mostly dry but not as much as it has been on Tuesday.

“A few scattered showers around some of the Baltic states but it is still very hot.

“Moscow will be seeing temperatures in the mid-30s as well.

“This area of low pressure will slowly be shifting that rainfall into central parts of Europe.”

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