BBC Weather: Heavy rain threatens to end UK heatwave while Spain nears 40C temperatures

BBC Weather: Europe warned of showers following heatwave

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The Met Office has said that Britain is officially experiencing a heatwave after record-breaking temperatures across the country. However, the surging temperatures are set to be cut short by heavy rain, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas said the “dry and settled” heatwave will last for another “four days” in the UK.

She also said that some of the heaviest of the downpours that have caused widespread flooding in Europe “are easing away”.

The historic floods have claimed at least 184 lives in Germany and Belgium.

European leaders have blamed climate change for the floods, which have also affected Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

In a forecast for the BBC, Ms Keith-Lucas noted that places like the Spanish capital Madrid could hit nearly 40C by Wednesday.

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She told BBC viewers: “After the catastrophic flooding we have seen across parts of Belgium and Germany, the heaviest of the downpours are going to be easing away towards the south-east.

“But we still do have some storms. You can see on the satellite imagery, this area of cloud.

“There has been some more flooding close to the German Austria border over the past 24 hours.

“Those heavy downpours are moving their way south-east towards the likes of Croatia, the Balkans, up towards Poland and western Russia as well.

BBC Weather: Heatwave conditions forecast to continue

“Those heavy showers will eventually hit countries like Ukraine and Romania by Tuesday, so we are not quite out of the woods as far as the flooding goes but the worst-affected regions are looking drier.

“Further to the south-east of that, hot and dry weather is holding on for Cyprus and Crete.

“Heading into Portugal and Spain on Monday, temperatures are going to be on the rise.”


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Ms Keith-Lucas continued: “Some very hot weather for the likes of Madrid over the next few days. It is really hotting up in Madrid next week, where you could see 39C.

“London and Paris are both looking dry over the next four days or so, but by next weekend, we could see some further heavy showers.”

New 2021 temperature records are expected today, with a possible 32C in London later, which would make it the hottest day of 2021 so far.

It was the hottest day ever in Northern Ireland on Saturday, with 31.2C recorded in Ballywatticock, in County Down.

Sunday’s high temperatures mark the beginning of an official heatwave as in London and the South East, temperatures must exceed 28C for at least three days.

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