BBC Weather: Temperature will plunge to single figures over the weekend after 21C today

BBC Weather: Temperatures to drop to single figures

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BBC Weather’s Louise Lear explained a band of rain is sweeping across the UK this weekend as it brings heavy downpours in Northern Ireland and west Scotland on Friday evening. She said: “It was a mild start for all, a cloudy start for many but as we go through the afternoon we’re optimistic that the cloud should tend to thin and break to allow some sunshine to come through for much of England and Wales.

“Nothern Ireland and west of Scotland paints a cloudier story with outbreaks of rain from that weather front that has been sitting there for a few days.

“Those temperatures may well peak at 21C if you see the best of the sunshine.

“Through the evening and overnight, we see that weather front still feeding in plenty of rain along Northern Ireland.

“In southeast corners, we could see temperatures into the single figures.”

It comes increasingly wet weather and rising concerns over fuel and supply shortages through September dampened the recovery of pandemic-hit retailers, according to new figures.

The latest monthly BRC-Sensormatic IQ footfall monitor showed that footfall across UK shopping destinations decreased by 16.8% in the five weeks to October 2 against the same period in 2019, before the pandemic struck.

Bosses at the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said they believe some shoppers chose to stay at home due to weather conditions and concerns over access to fuel.

Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the BRC, said: “While footfall at the start of September was strong, it slowed over the course of the month as increasing rainfall and ongoing fuel and supply issues convinced some consumers to stay home.

BBC Weather: Europe forecast heavy rain and flood risks

“The final week of September saw the worst total footfall levels since the last week of July this year, shortly after the last Covid restrictions were lifted, demonstrating the fragility of consumer confidence and how the economic recovery from Covid can be so easily undermined.”

The latest figures showed that shopping centres had another torrid month.

Shopping centre footfall for September was 35.6% down on the same level in 2019, dragging their recovery back as the level of decline increased 2.7 percentage points from August.

High streets reported that footfall was down 22.6% against the same period two years ago, as its recovery improved from August.


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Meanwhile, retail parks revealed that footfall was only 1.6% lower than the same month in 2019 as they continued to be particularly resilient.

The figures come amid a challenging period for the sector as retailers tackle driver shortages, staff availability issues and global supply chain disruption.

Ms Dickinson added: “As we approach Christmas, it is imperative Government takes further action to resolve the driver shortage which is increasing costs and creating delays throughout the supply chain.

“Retailers are trying to recruit and train thousands of new British drivers, but 5,000 visas are not enough to fill the gap in the short term.

“The Government should extend the visa scheme to help prevent customers facing significant disruption this Christmas.”

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