BBC Weather: UK temperatures threaten FREEZE within next 48 hours ‘We have been warned!’

BBC Weather forecasts falling temperatures across UK

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BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has warned Britons that temperatures are set to fall across the country with the next 48 hours. Following milder than average November temperatures for the time of year conditions are set to take a colder turn with thermometers threatening to drop to just above freezing. Ms Kirkwood warned this drop in temperatures will be accompanied by hefty clouds and sporadic rainfall for many.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “So it’s a chilly start to the day not just here in London, but wherever you are.

“But by day the forecast for the next few days is a fairly mild one for the time of year.

“What’s happening today is we’re in between weather fronts there’s one which is sinking sideways as a band of cloud with the odd spot of drizzle on it, and another one not too far away.

“So in between, we’ve got some clear skies, hence the cold start, but there will be some sunshine to start the day as well.

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She continued: “Out towards the west where the front approaches the cloud which is currently thick enough for some drizzle and some showers will be replaced by some rain coming in across the north and  West, and also be pretty windy in the northern half of the country generally.

“Lighter winds across the southern half, temperatures 10 to 13 degrees to give you an idea that average at this time of year is roughly seven to 11 north to south.

“Now as we head on through the evening and overnight period, there will still be a fair bit of cloud around.

“There still be a brisk wind that cloud will still be thick enough for some drizzle in the west and we’ll still have the rain across parts of the north and northwest.


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The meteorologist said: “But in the east will have some clear skies, especially for some eastern parts of Scotland and England in central areas.

“And this is where the temperature will fall away lowest about two, four or five degrees but where we put the cloud in the West in Northern Ireland for example, here the temperature only falling to about 10 degrees.

“So into tomorrow, tomorrow will be fairly cloudy for most of us, sort of going to be windy for most of us as well.

“The cloud thick enough for drizzle especially in the coasts and hills in the West, and we’ll still have the rain across the north and the northwest.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “But there will be some sunshine across central and also southern eastern parts of England as well as Eastern Scotland.

“The temperatures could especially in this eastern Scotland get up to 17 degrees but widely 13 to 15.

“And then on Friday, it won’t be as cloudy for England and Wales it will look brighter to across Northern Ireland.

“But for Scotland, it will be fairly cloudy with that rain in the North, the Northwest and it’s not going to be as windy either, but it will still be very mild for the time of year we could get 16 or 17 in certain parts of eastern Scotland and also the Northeast of England, so temperatures Sal and John way above average but it’s not going to last things will cool down by the time we get to Sunday.”

“We have been warned,” replied the BBC Breakfast hosts.

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