Biden claims Glasgow part of England as White House forced to step in after huge gaffe

Joe Biden talks about having cancer during speech

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The latest gaffe came as he was speaking during a trip to a former coal-fired power plant in Somerset, Massachusetts. During his speech, Joe Biden heralded US leadership on climate change during the COP26 summit of world leaders in the Scottish city last year. The US President said: “I was able to bring more world leaders together. We got 100 nations together to agree at the major conference in Glasgow, England – I mean Scotland – to change the emissions policy. We’ve made real progress.”

Despite Mr Biden’s quick attempt at an immediate correction, the error was still widely mocked by several people on social media.

“Alistair Greer” (@alistairgreer67) tweeted: “Another day, another gaffe.”

Twitter user “Richard Peddie” (@RichardPeddie1) wrote: “Let’s pretend to be surprised?”

“Tally Ho Bingo” (@topp_roger) quipped: “Glasgow England, Scotland, Wales, Skeggy.”

Elsewhere in an error-strewn speech, Mr Biden appeared to suggest he currently has cancer, which triggered a rapid clarification from the White House.

The US President raised eyebrows when he said: “That’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with, have cancer”

White House officials were quick to make clear he was referring to his past treatment for skin cancer.


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