Bloke accidentally throws away £16,000 after mistaking it for rubbish

A business owner accidentally threw away €19,000 (£16,000) that he was planning to deposit in the bank, after mistaking it for rubbish.

The unnamed entrepreneur on the Greek island of Lemnos had put the cash in two bin bags with the intention of visiting his local branch on Monday morning to deposit the money, reports.

Alongside the two bin bags filled with money, he also had boxes filled with rubbish he needed to throw out.

As he was walking to his shop, he stopped at a large dumpster to dispose of his rubbish.

During a lapse in concentration the man also threw away the bags containing the cash, before entering his store.

He quickly realised his mistake when he entered his shop and he didn’t have any money to put in the till.

He said: “I looked around and realised the bags full of money weren’t there anymore and realised straight away what I had done.

“I started panicking, ran outside and stopped a council car that was driving by and told the three officers inside what had happened.”

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He jumped inside their car and they tracked down the garbage truck, finally catching up with it at the island’s port, before its contents had been incinerated.

The man continued: “All four of us got a rake each and started digging through all the rubbish and quickly found the first bag.

“We couldn’t find the second bag, so the truck dumped all its rubbish onto the side of the road and we dug through each bin bag individually, before finding the second load of cash thankfully.”

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