Bloke arrested for recording influencer doing squats as police storm gym

A man was arrested after an influencer allegedly caught him recording her doing squats with his mobile phone.

Influencer Tatiane Prado, 21, called the Military Police after apparently being filmed by a man without her consent, and dramatic scenes unfolded as officers stormed the gym in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Tatiane described how a mirror in front of her showed the 60-year-old perv "obsessing" over her as she prepared to start her workout.

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"A few minutes after the beginning of my training, when I was performing the 'squat' exercise, I could see through the mirror in front of the device that I was being obsessed over. I was using the pulley and he didn't hide it a bit, standing still, looking from head to toe, for a few minutes," she told Brazilian media.

She described how she delayed beginning her exercise to see if the man would follow suit.

She said in a video to her 200,000 Instagram followers: "He came to do an exercise literally behind me. I didn't exercise, drinking water, disguising it. I saw that he kept messing with his cell phone and didn't start his exercise. I stood there for about five minutes waiting for him to start."

She said she feigned to start a set of squats and quickly turned around to see the man recording her. He told police he was just messing around with his phone, which was seized.

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According to the influencer, "he was already famous at the gym for doing this to women. There were complaints about him at the reception from other women, who [said that] he kept filming, following them."

According to one 25-year-old victim the man had already been reported for sexual harassment in 2021.

"I felt harassed. I was very uncomfortable with the situation, so much so that it attacked my anxiety," Tatiane said of the incident on Monday, March 6.

Police are now investigating the matter.

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