Bloke cut in half by forklift cruises around farm in caterpillar-wheeled ‘tank’

A lad who lost everything the whole of his body below his belly in a freak accident now patrols his farm in a caterpillar-wheeled 'tank'.

Fans of Loren Schauers, 20, are chuffed to see him in his element in a new YouTube video filmed by his doting wife Sabia as she takes viewers on a tour of their new home.

The former construction worker underwent a hemicorperectomy to save his life after he fell 50ft off a bridge only to then be devastatingly crushed by a forklift in 2019.

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Previous videos of Loren and Sabia have seen them updating subscribers on their lives from the comfort of a sofa but last week they shared an action-filled vlog.

As hundreds of comments on the video congratulate couple on their first home out in the countryside, several were loving Loren's off-road set of wheels.

One fan commented "Lauren's chair is a tank!" as he made his way across the couple from Montana's 2.5 acre plot which they intend to use for farming.

A tense moment of the clip included Loren trying to squeeze his "tank" through gate posts which he just about succeeds in doing so with a bit of a bump.

A second person wrote in response: "The coolest chair ever."

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"That is a cool chair. Love the tracks, haha. Looks like a tank! Sorry, the kid in me came out. Haha," a third exclaimed.

Someone else agreed: "Loren's track chair is so cool."

If Loren's chair had a rival in stealing the show it is almost certainly their adorable German Shepherd Atlas.

Within a week of sharing the vlog it had racked up over 150,000 views and over 1,200 comments largely of people gushing at how amazing the couple and their dog are.

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Sabia explained that she feels compelled to keep Atlas on a retractable lead when walking so neighbours — few though they are — aren't afraid of him attacking them.

"Cos some people, you know, see a boy like him off leash and think oh he's going to kill me," she said during a stroll.

In an MTV Cribs-style tour, Sabia films each room of the couple's spacious new home, often apologising for mess including their unmade bed but reminds viewers they're "only human".

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In amongst the gushing reactions to the video was one weirdo on who appears to be genuine about 'offering his services' to help with the couple's sex lives.

Judging by the lack of responses to the bizarre gesture, it appears an uninterested Sabia and Loren are not entirely thrilled at the idea and have instead opted to ignore it.

The comment follows a Q & A vlog in which Sabia slammed questions about their sex lives as "disrespectful".


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