Bloke killed mate with one drunken punch after he discovered pals fling with ex

A man has been jailed after he killed his friend with a drunken punch after finding out he had a fling with his ex-girlfriend.

Paul Brierley, 44, attacked Paul Ologbose, also known as ‘Bushy’, during a night out in Leigh, Wigan, Greater Manchester, and the pair were said to be ‘very drunk’ before the incident that claimed Mr Ologbose's life.

On January 22 this year, at around 1.30am, Brierley, from Leigh, had been in a different confrontation with another friend because he yanked their son from under a table, causing the youngster to cry.

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In jest, he called the child "a girl" for crying, and was told off by the child's mother. After the argument with her, a friend confronted him and told him to "leave it alone", and Brierley punched him.

His friend was made to leave the scene but Brierley caught up with him and said that he should have told him about the relationship between ‘Bushy’ and Mr Brierley's ex Cheryl.

The pair were said to have had a fling in November 2021, after Cheryl and Brierley split.

His friend replied with words to the effect of “you have known about this for months, it’s finished now".

However, immediately after Brierley walked over to Bushy "bristling with anger", he punched him in the mouth.

Bushy fell back in a way that the back of his head struck the concrete path.

After Mr Ologbose, 57, fell to the ground, Brierley could be seen making a 'waving gesture’ to him, before arguing with a woman who confronted him and pushing her to the neck.

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Brierley later left in a taxi and told the driver: “I have just hit a guy, I punched him once and he just dropped”.

Following his arrest later that day, he was cautioned, and responded angrily saying: “I hit some guy right, maybe he’s hurt so f****** what”.

It transpired that Mr Ologbose had suffered a fracture to the base of his skull and intracranial swelling and bleeding.

He died later that day.

Brierley pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was yesterday (July 13) jailed for six years and eight months.

At the hearing, which also saw him face a trial of issue in relation to the assault on his friend Henry Blackshaw prosecuting said Mr Ologbose and Brierley had been friends for many years and had got on well historically.

“It appeared that the defendant was annoyed by the fact that the relationship was found out by others before he did," Mr Blackshaw added.


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