Bloke thought he’d lose hand when it became stuck in shark’s mouth mid-attack

A diver thought he was going to lose his hand after it became stuck inside a shark's mouth during a terrifying attack.

Renier Kruger was attacked by an Oceanic Black Tip on Friday (December 30) just off Shelly Beach, on the South Coast of the KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The 26-year-old from Umtentweni in Port Shepstone revealed the shark, named Smiley, came from behind him and bit his right hand.

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Renier thought Smiley was going to bite his hand off, but luckily the beast let go and his team managed to get him to a hospital.

After five hours of surgery, Renier was told the operation was a success but he has a lot of lacerations on his nerves, tendons and muscle.

His pinkie finger had also been dislocated and was only attached by skin.

Renier will have to undergo extensive physiotherapy in hope of regaining full use of his hand – and he won’t be able to dive until then.

Posting from Hibiscus Hospital, in Port Shepstone, Renier said: “As most already know I have been attacked by a shark. Doesn't sound nice to know what actually happened but again I got to accept what has happened.”

He went on to say the attack happened during the first dive. After they had two bull sharks around the bait ball, the divers then got into the water.

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Kruger said it was a normal day at work and they had planned to do two dives.

“It didn’t take me long to get a residential Oceanic black tip by the name of Smiley onto the bait ball,” he said.

“As we progressed in the dive around 30-35mins when she decided to come from behind and bit onto my right hand while I had my hand tucked in against my BCD (buoyancy control device).

“As I looked towards my hand inside her mouth I knew what was going to happen (but) I was proven wrong and didn’t lose my hand.”

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Kruger said a fellow diver was right beside him after the shark let go of his hand and immediately attended to him once they got onto the boat.

“I am still not 100% sure of everything [that] is wrong with my hand but I was told it (the operation) was a success,” he added.

He later updated the post which read: “My hand, I still do have, along with all my fingers, a lot of lacerations on my nerves, tendons and muscle.

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“My pinky finger has been dislocated where it was only still attached by skin. As we know the operation was a big success. Physio to start not too long from now.

“I just can't wait to get back into the water and carry on doing what I love. But there would be no rush till my hand and the doctor gives approval when I am allowed to dive again.”

Kruger added he did not have bait in his hands and that he was not reckless during the dive.


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