Boob job patient who slammed surgeon on Facebook faces defamation law suit

A woman slamming her own boob job on Facebook is being taken to court by her plastic surgeon.

Award-winning doctor Anh Nguyen is taking defamation action against a former client who claimed on social media that her nipples had been ruined by an “incompetent” and “cruel” doctor.

Since undergoing the knife for a breast augmentation in 2018, Rebecca Hinsley complained about the result over Facebook on Tummy Tuck Western Australia and Botched Surgery Support Group.

She also sent a private message to one person expressing the same dissatisfaction with the procedure in Perth, Australia.

After finding out about Ms Hinsley's comments, Dr Anh claimed she had been defamed in several ways and decided to take legal action, reports.

A West Australian Supreme Court document reads: "The first plaintiff … contends she was defamed by four natural and ordinary defamatory meanings.

"(That) the first plaintiff is an incompetent plastic surgeon in that she ruined the defendant’s areolas … (and she) is underhanded in her work as a plastic surgeon in that she charged the defendant for a breast lift that she knowingly did not perform.

"(Also), the first plaintiff is cruel in her dealings as a plastic surgeon … (and her) patients have to learn the hard way that the first plaintiff does not have a revision clause in her contracts."

A link to negligence lawyers was shared in a separate group post on Facebook, which allegedly suggested Dr Anh was a "negligent plastic surgeon who ought to be sued by her patients for compensation".

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Ms Hinsley is also accused of defaming Dr Anh over Facebook Messenger, by telling someone that the surgeon fired a nurse who suggested she “fix a patient who suffered severe wound breakdown”.

Ms Hinsley has responded to the defamation claims by arguing everything she said was true and has even hit back with a counterclaim against Dr Anh.

The former client is seeking damages for a "breach of the duty of care, (or) alternatively for a breach of the standard of skill and care".

Ms Hinsley said she suffered complications as a result of Dr Anh’s operation, including pain in her breasts and her areolas "spread in five different directions".

According to her legal team, Ms Hinsley she required corrective surgery or treatments.

A statement said: "If the first plaintiff had performed the procedure competently, the defendant would not have suffered the complications or all of the complications, and it would not have been necessary for the defendant to submit to and undertake the corrective surgery."

Justice Kenneth Martin however disregarded much of Ms Hinsley’s arguments last week, reports.

He said: "Given the magnitude of the paragraphs struck out and their internal relationships within the pleading, the most feasible course is for the entirety of the ASDC (amended substituted defence and counterclaim) to be struck out."

Ms Hinsley’s lawyers were 21 days to provide amendments.

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