Bored boy breaks record with Lego train that’s longer than seven-storey building

A teen broke a Guinness World Record for the most carriages in a Lego train after lockdown boredom inspired him to get a record.

Alexander Blong, 14, spent about 50 hours building the 101-carriage toy vehicle, which now stretches 25 metres – as long as a swimming pool or a seven-storey building.

Alexander, from Auckland, New Zealand, completed his impressive train back in May, but the Guinness World Records only confirmed the record on its official page earlier this month.

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"I woke up one morning and checked my emails and it said I was now the official record holder. I was pretty ecstatic," he said.

Setting a world record for the longest train isn't as simple as whipping out a measuring tape – it had to meet a number of very specific criteria.

Alexander's train had to pull the weight of the trailing carriages along a 10-metre track.

The locomotive also had to be made with a specific type of Lego, be publicly displayed, and be captured in a single video.

Alexander even had to get witness statements from an independent judge.

"It’s great that I’ve got a Guinness World Record, not everyone has the ability to, so I’m really fortunate that I’ve been given the opportunity, the people and the resources to be able to do this," he told local media.

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Blong has been building since the tender age of four, and has had a keen interest in world records for much of his life, following record-breaking attempts on YouTube.

But it wasn't until he was forced to lock down during the pandemic that he decided to give record-breaking a go.

"I was bored, as most people were, and watching Netflix. There was this show I really liked called Snowpiercer which was about this really long train that goes around the globe," he said.

While preparing to launch his effort, it occurred to him that someone may have already set the record for the world's longest lego train – and he was right.

The previous record had been set by KK Cariapa, John Seemon and Nexus Malls of India and The Lego Group of Singapore in Maharashtra, with a 69-carriage train that set the record in 2019.

But Alexander wasn't deterred, building the carriages and designing the train – including adapting it so it would be able to pull the weight of the carriages – and ended up beating the previous record by a whopping 32 carriages.

"It was pretty cool that I was able to beat the record held by these massive corporations," he added

When asked how he planned to celebrate the immense achievement, he said he would go out for dinner before taking a nap, adding: "It’s definitely drained a lot of energy."


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