Boris Johnson declares ‘Putin will fail’ in rallying cry as Ukraine faces ‘vicious attack

Boris Johnson slams Putin for ‘barbaric’ tactics in Ukraine

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Boris Johnson released a video of himself on a visit to Tapa Military Base in Estonia where he participated in the NATO press conference alongside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas. The footage shows Mr Johnson addressing the camera directly with his message of cooperation and hope for Ukraine while in other clips he is seen talking to troops and inspecting the military vehicles at the base.

While visiting the military site, the Prime Minister held discussions with the troops that “we have sent to help fortify NATO’s Eastern Frontier, at a time of massive uncertainty, when Vladimir Putin has launched a vicious attack on Ukraine.”

The Prime Minister’s message comes as the Latvian Prime Minister, Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš announced on Tuesday to Sky News that Putin “is starting to target civilians” that “may be an act of military desperation but by all accounts, this amounts to a war crime.”

Mr Johnson said: “The people of Ukraine are suffering in agony as he pounds their cities, as he shows no restraint whatever in the tactics that he uses, going for civilian targets in a way that is absolutely indiscriminate and abhorrent.

“We are doing everything we can to support the Ukrainians, with defensive military equipment, lethal aid of a defensive character, we were the first European country to do so.

“We have trained 22,000 Ukrainian troops; we’ve sent more than 2,000 anti-tank weapons and we are doing more, and we will do more.”

During the NATO press conference that discussed what more the UK “can do to make sure that the world understands the horror of what is going on in Ukraine”, Ms Kallas thanked the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister “for leading this NATO multinational battle group here at the Tapa base, in Estonia. And for doing so for the last five years.”

Boris added: “What we’re also doing is making sure that we put together the biggest package of sanctions that has ever been imposed on a G20 country, it’s gone on Russia now, it’s already having a big effect.”

Alongside financial sanctions that according to Liz Truss have targeted “the highest echelons of the Russian elite” and led to a financial crisis in the country, Russia have also been targeted in other areas that will damage the nation.

Nadine Dorries announced on Tuesday that the satellite that broadcasts Russia Today in the EU and the UK will be turned off.

Multiple airlines across the West have refused to fly over Russian airspace and it has also been announced that Apple and Nike have suspended sales in Russia.

Mr Johnson concluded: “The more global public opinion can be mobilised, the stronger the political support will be for the people of Ukraine.

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And “the stronger for our collective economic sanctions, and the military support that we’re giving.

“I have no doubt that though there will be difficult days ahead for the people of Ukraine, there will be a free, sovereign and independent Ukraine.

“I have no doubt that Putin will fail, and I can tell you that Putin must fail.”

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