Boy, 10, learns he has cancer from ‘well-meaning stranger’ in the street

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A young schoolboy learned he had cancer when a stranger told him as he walked down the street.

David Lally, 10, was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours but his family did not tell him it was cancer over fears of scaring the lad.

However a well-meaning stranger approached the boy and said: "You're doing well fighting cancer mate."

David, from New Brighton, Wirral, received the tragic diagnosis after he began complaining of headaches and being sick, the Liverpool Echo reports.

He underwent tests at Arrowe Park Hospital before the family received the shocking news that he had three large tumours and several small ones.

The family of the Liverpool supporter decided not to tell him so as not to frighten him.

Dad Chris said: "It’s been hard because at first we never told David what he had, we just said he had little lumps.

"Then someone in the street came up to him and shook his hand and said ‘you're doing well fighting cancer mate’ so we had to sit him down and tell him.

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"After chemo he’s tired. He doesn't let me budge so I cant go anywhere. If I go away from him for a couple of hours he gets upset.

"It’s mentally draining. It’s out of my hands, I literally cannot do anything, it’s in God’s hands. But if he has to sit for ten hours having treatment, I'll be by his side right the way through it."

David has undergone chemotherapy to try and shrink the size of the tumours.

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He now has a scar on his head and Chris has attempted to "replicate" it in the form of a tattoo.

The worried dad said: "He said 'look dad I'm bald and I've got big scars' and he used to wear a hat.

"I said to him look – I'll go get a tattoo and I'll get exactly the same scars as you. He said 'will you dad will you' and I said yes.

"We’re in the battle together and I want him to know that. Anything he has to go through, I'll go through with him."

David was said to be delighted about the result of the tattoo. He now faces six courses of chemotherapy before a scan will reveal whether the treatment has worked.

Chris added: "We’re just nervous. I don't know how to explain it. We want it to be over but as I say it’s out of our hands and we can’t do anything but support him.

"It’s been hard for his mum too but she’s been our rock, she’s been absolutely unreal."

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