Brit left lying dead on beach for hours as people thought he was sunbathing

A British tourist has been found dead on a beach after he was seen lying on a sun lounger 'for hours' on a Greek island.

Beachgoers at Stalida beach in Crete are understood to have assumed the man was sunbathing, before becoming concerned for him when they realised he hadn't moved from the same spot for a prolonged period of time.

Upon approaching the man to check on him, they realised he was unconscious and authorities were alerted on Saturday (July 16). 

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When paramedics arrived at the beach around 8pm where they found passers-by trying to revive the man by performing CPR.

The 54-year-old was taken to nearby Heraklion University Hospital but was shortly pronounced dead.

The man’s identity has not yet been revealed, but a spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said the family of the man is being supported.

His body will undergo a post-mortem exam to determine the cause of his death.

This is the latest in a string of tragic tourist deaths, with one plunging to his death from dizzying heights earlier this month and others suffering a horrible fate in a fatal helicopter crash.

And while it's unclear whether this latest death was a direct result of sunbathing, Brits have been warned about the dangers of the heat as temperatures at home skyrocket beyond 40C as it is understood that thousands could die as a result of the heatwave.

The scorching weather has prompted the first-ever Met Office red heat warning as people across the country have been urged to 'do nothing' and avoid public transport wherever possible.

While temperatures are meant to cool from midweek (20 July), many fear that this is a damning sign of things to come as the planet heats up due to climate change.

Water companies have urged customers to limit the length of their showers in a bid to avoid drought, which could also trigger deaths nationwide.


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