Britain in the line of fire of tsunamis and underwater landslides, expert says

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An expert has issued a stark warning about global warming, saying that it could cause tsunamis in the UK.

"Rapidly" melting ice sheets in Greenland will disturb the Earth's crust, having dire consequences for Britain as a whole.

Bill McGuire, a professor of earth sciences at University College London said that disappearing sheets make the weight on the Earth's crust lighter, meaning it will start to "bounce back" after being crushed under thousands of billions of tons of ice.

The professor warned that this could trigger under water landslides which could then cause tsunamis which could reach the west coast of the UK.

He said we are "in the line of fire."

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Chelmsford, Essex, he said: "Greenland has been covered in ice for at least 100,000 years.

"Those faults in the Earth's crust will have been accumulating strain for a very long time.

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"And that could certainly impact on the UK. It's not certain, but people who have worked on this say they have speculated about what they call a seismic response in the Greenland area within decades.

"Britain is in the line of fire."

Professor Maguire said that the only way we can prevent such a disaster would be to slow or halt the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland.

However, he warned starkly that we could be "already be past the tipping point."

He said that the Storegga landslide, a natural event that occurred around 8,000 years ago, sets the precedent for what Britain could experience.

Storegga caused the collapse of 3,000km of sediment and took place just off the coast of Norway, with a knock on effect for the UK.

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