Britain poised for torrential downpours as flash flooding expected in areas

Met Office forecasts warmer weather this weekend

Britons have been warned that even more torrential downpours are set to drench the UK in the coming days as many areas run the risk of lightning and flash flooding. The low centre from Wednesday has shifted southwards to Ireland, causing more cloud and patchy rain with a cooler feel, forecasters have warned as temperatures plummet overnight and are not expected to go above 18C this weekend.

Additional surface water from earlier in the week increases the risk of lightning and flash flooding as downpours persist.

However, conditions are set to improve on Friday, with Saturday predicted to be settled with early low cloud off the North Sea.

The low centre from Wednesday has shifted southwards to Ireland, causing more cloud and patchy rain with a cooler feel.

Saturday is expected to be the warmest day this weekend, with the southeast set to enjoy 18C, while some coastal areas will be chillier at 15C.

Overnight temperatures could be as cold as 5C, weather maps reveal.

Though there will be an easterly drift, resulting in a cool feel to the air, sunshine will be strong and warming.

Showers are expected to fade by this evening, but low clouds will continue to flow in from the North Sea, according to Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow.

The southern rain will clear away from the south coast of England on this evening, but the cool wind will continue, veering to the northeast.

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There will be some cloud breaks overnight and it will feel cool, with temperatures well down into single figures

Ms Farrow said: “Saturday will bring a lot of fine weather although there will be a good deal of low cloud over England during the morning, off the North Sea but well inland.

“Temperatures in the sunshine will reach the high teens and low twenties Celsius.

“Parts of the east coast will stay cold and damp though. Much of the UK should see a fine, warm, sunny or bright afternoon.

“An approaching cold front for Sunday will be throwing a bit of high cloud well ahead by Saturday evening, over Northern Ireland and western Scotland.”

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