Britney Spears latest: Is Britney pressing charges against her dad?

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On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Britney Spears can choose her own lawyer in her fight to end the conservatorship she has been under for 13 years. This news marks a huge breakthrough for the 39-year-old pop megastar, who has made headlines over the decades as her mental health declined and she was placed in a conservatorship headed by her father, Jamie Spears.

While Britney hasn’t officially filed charges against her father, she made it explicitly clear that she will do, and now she can with her own counsel.

In a tearful address, she told the court over her lawyer’s phone: “I’m here to press charges. I’m angry and I will go there.”

She added: “You’re allowing my dad to ruin my life. I have to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservatorship abuse.”

Conservatorship abuse can involve financially exploiting or imposing excessive personal restrictions on someone in your care.

If a court rules that abuse has taken place, the appointed conservator could be removed/suspended and may face financial penalties such as reimbursement payments and legal costs.

Britney also told the court she was subjected to “cruelty” at the hands of her father.

She said she has “extreme abandonment issues” because of her father.

The singer also told the court she was “extremely scared of my dad”, who is a recovering alcoholic, and feared he was always going to “show up drunk somewhere and embarrass me”.

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This is not the first time we’ve heard Britney open up about the complex legal arrangement she’s under in recent weeks.

Last month, she made another emotional plea in court, in which she said she was “traumatised” and that she couldn’t live a “full life” due to the arrangements, which were installed in 2008 amid concerns for her mental health.

She made several shocking allegations, including that she was forced to take medication against her will.

She said doctors changed her medication to lithium, a mood stabiliser, after she had told management she wanted to discontinue her Las Vegas ‘Piece of Me’ residency.

She told the court: “I felt drunk. I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad about anything. My whole family did nothing.”

She also claimed she was under an enforced contraceptive and not allowed to try for another baby.

Britney said: “I have an IUD in my body right now that won’t let me have a baby and my conservators won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out.

“I feel ganged up on. I feel bullied and I feel left out and alone. I want to be able to get married and have a baby.”

The crux of her argument was that she shouldn’t be under these restrictions as she is capable of making her own decisions.

She said she’s forced to perform against her will, saying it “made no sense” that the conservatorship deemed her able to perform at the highest level of the entertainment industry, but she was unable to make basic life decisions or spend the money she is earning.

The people who control her life, she said, “need to be reminded they actually work for me”.

Following the latest ruling, the singer posted an Instagram video of herself doing cartwheels in celebration with a caption thanking her fans and adding “#FreeBritney”.

This marks the first time she has used the hashtag, which has been used by her supporters to campaign against the conservatorship.

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