Brits brace for heavy downpours as Met Office issues yellow rain alert

UK weather: Met Office forecasts cold and unsettled conditions

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This Monday will see heavy outbreaks of rain in most of Britain, but Scotland may have a chance of seeing some sunny spells and will not be as affected as Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England. The winter weather will also see frost and fog in most of the country making it a cold start to the week.

Northern Ireland will experience some “really wet and windy weather” on Monday, according to weather forecaster for the Met Office Greg Dewhurst.

The wind in the area is expected to strengthen as the day goes on and may be as high as 70 miles per hour.

The Met Office has issued a yellow flooding warning for Northern Ireland due to the heavy rain and warned that the weather may cause some travel disruptions.

Those in Northern Ireland should prepare for delays and cancellations in trains as well as difficult driving conditions with some road closures.

There may also be a potential for power cuts and homes being flooded, with certain communities may be cut off by flooded roads.

For Scotland, the weather is expected to be a lot calmer but those in the northeast have had a yellow warning issued for ice.

The Met Office has warned that for those in the Grampian and Highlands there may be icy surfaces and patches on pavements, roads and cycle paths.

Those travelling to work should be careful while travelling, and Scotland wil also be experiencing fog which will lead to even more difficult travelling conditions.

It will be a cold start to Monday as well for the northeast in Scotland as the weather is expected to be only one or two-celsius degrees, which is likely to be the coldest part of Britain.

Weather forecaster for the Met Office Greg Dewhurst said that the area should have their “ice scrapers at the ready” to prepare for going to work.

He added that the northeast with have “some icy stretches, some mist and fog patches, which could lead to a tricky commute first thing Monday.”

Those in Wales plus Devon and Cornwall in England have had a yellow warning for strong wind, which may also get worse as the day goes on.

The Met Office warns residents there is a small chance of travel difficulties due to train cancellations and road closures.

They also warn those travelling to be cautious of tiles blowing from roofs and other flying debris, and those near the ocean should be careful of large waves as well as beach debris.

Those in Wales and the southwest of England may also experience some localised flooding.

In northern England and southern Scotland, there may be some dry weather as well as some sunny spells, with only some showers expected.

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Temperatures are expected to be around 7C to 9C in the north throughout the day, while the south of the UK will experience higher temperatures at 11C or 12C.

The wind will slowly begin to ease in the evening, but on Tuesday the weather is still expected to be wet and windy in England as well as Wales.

Those in Northern Ireland and Scotland are expected to have clearer weather forecasts for tomorrow, with only a small amount of frost and some mist and fog patches.

However, the very far north of Scotland may have heavier rain on Tuesday morning, but the weather is expected to brighten in the afternoon.

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