Brits to melt in sweltering three-day mini-heatwave in final September blast

After a rather disappointing summer, Brits will get the chance to enjoy a final mini heatwave in September.

Sun-starved Londoners will melt in three sweltering days before the summer ends.

The next three days are set to be dry with bright spells and mercury is expected to reach 23C, according to the latest Met Office forecast.

On Thursday, (today), the capital will see highs of 22C with the temperatures rising even further to 23C for tomorrow and Saturday.

However, the mini-heatwave will be just that, and short-lived, as rain is forecast to sweep in at the end of the weekend.

Although mercury will remain high at 22C, the miserable conditions won't be the same.

The glorious sunshine will feature for most living in the southeast and Wales, the Met Office said.

But rain and strong gusts will batter areas in northwest England, Northern Ireland as well as Central Scotland this weekend.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin told The Sun: “Plenty more sunshine across much of the country today.

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“Much of southern Scotland and certainly most of England and Wales will have another fine day of September sunshine.

“Temperatures are responding to that sunshine, heading up into the low twenties – 22C, maybe 23C across parts of the southeast.”

Last week Brits suffered days of severe storms and flood warnings were put in place for England when torrential downpours lashed millions in England.

It comes after August saw "extreme" weather, with two named storms, a heatwave, and the hottest August day recorded over the past 17 years.

The summer officially ends on August 31, according to the meteorological calendar, however, the recent sunny spells that have spilled over into September have let Brits enjoy a second wind.

The UK's summer was dubbed one of the worst on record by Brits, despite it not being the wettest or coldest ever recorded.

The lack of high temperatures and consistently warm weather along with rain and thunderstorms regularly breaking up the sunshine caused it to be called an entire 'washout' and let down.

However, there have been days where the British temperatures rivaled those of holiday hotspots in Europe, proving beneficial with the changing Covid travel restrictions in place.

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