Builders return to wrong house but owner still doesn’t know what they’re doing

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A woman who let builders revamp her garden without telling them that they're at the wrong house still has no idea what they are making more than a week later.

Chloe Fountainn, from Canada, went viral after posting on TikTok to tell viewers that she was trying to get a free garden upgrade.

Having realised the builders had showed up at the "wrong house", she decided not to tell them until the renovation is done.

Posting a series of videos on her account, Chloe gave updates on Tuesday and said the works had just resumed because it had been raining for the past week.

She says: "I still don't know if it's a deck or concrete, so here are some clips.

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"Let me know what you think it is going to be."

A worker is seen using a machine to press on the gravel in the garden while another builder is playing with Chloe's cat.

In the previous clip, she told her viewers that she called the contractor and apologised to them for exposing their company name in the video.

She also told viewers that she would pay for the project when the builders finish the revamp.

But some viewers were convinced that Chloe was lying.

One said: "Bulls*** you obviously hired them and tried to film all these for attention."

Another questioned: "Why are you still pretending this is real? It's weird."

A third said the guy in a high-vis jacket gave some hints away, adding: "That 'construction guy' is wearing dress shoes, come on, brand new clean vest too…come on!"

Others pointed out the builder's work and said it could be a concrete job.

"Concrete, you use that compacting machine before you pour it," a TikToker explained.

"It's concrete otherwise they wouldn't be laying gravel," a fourth wrote.

Chloe did not respond to any comments regarding the "wrong house" claim but added: "I don't know what he was doing with my cat."

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