Bus driver jailed for road rage chase with terrified passengers on board

A road rage bus driver who chased a motorist at 50mph while his passengers screamed for him to stop has been jailed.

Vladimir Bozanov, 31, flipped after a car driver failed to let him pull out of a bus stop.

Bozanov chased the Peugeot for 500 yards before overtaking it and pulling in front of the driver – a Mr Griffiths –and blocking both sides of the road.

He then jumped out and banged on the victim’s car window before verbally abusing him.

At Warwick Crown Court, Judge Barry Berlin told him: “It was road rage. You simply lost your temper. This was a PSV, a bus, and you put passengers at risk as well as Mr Griffiths and other road-users.

“It was not just a moment of madness.

“You lost control of the bus in your rage, but still did not stop.”

Bozanov was sacked by Stagecoach after the incident in Nuneaton, Warks, last October, and he was arrested on ­suspicion of road rage.

Bozanov, of Bedworth, Warks, was jailed for eight months after he admitted dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving for 28 months.

Judge Berlin told Bozanov: “You were driving a bus and you had a duty not just to other road users, but also to your passengers.

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“You overtook him and turned sharply left in front of him. The bus was no longer under control and struck bushes on the left side of the road.

“You stopped the bus diagonal to the road, and you got out and marched back to him and began to shout abuse.

“He says he feared for his safety.”

Prosecutor William Douglas-Jones said: “The defendant reacted badly by driving at speed to catch up with him and tailgated him for 500 metres.

“All Mr Griffiths could see in his mirror was the front of the bus.”

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