Cagefighter chokes girlfriend and two 13-year-olds during rage-fuelled attack

A cagefighter has been jailed for life after being convicted of attacking two teenage girls and his girlfriend, leaving the latter with broken bones and serious facial injuries.

Liam Hall, who has previously spent time in jail for manslaughter after killing a man in a pub fight in 2009, punched, kicked and choked the teens at his girlfriend's County Durham home in September.

The thug, who weighs 20 stone and is 6ft 4in tall, claimed he was down due to being drunk and on drugs and was angry that he lost his wallet, MailOnline reports.

Hall, 33, attacked his 24-year-old girlfriend while her two children were upstairs.

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told Teesside Crown Court that the man grabbed one of the girl's heads, banged it against a wall, then grabbed the other and choked her until she was unconscious.

He then punched the second girl repeatedly in the face, and stamped on her head.

She told the court that she remembered “choking on her blood”.

Each of his victims had statements read for them in court, with one claiming that they “cannot remember everything” that happened at the time of the terrifying attack.

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Hall pleaded guilty to two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and one of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.

Defending him, barrister John Turner said that the man had “expressed remorse” for what had happened, but doesn't remember all of it.

However, recorder Jo Kidd branded Hall a “ticking time bomb”.

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She said: “In light of your previous conviction for manslaughter, where you killed a man by punching and kicking, you should have been only too aware of the risk you posed to anybody, but particularly children, if you chose to behave in that way again.”

He was sentenced him to life in prison with a minimum of 16 years before being allowed to apply for parole.

He has also had an indefinite restraining order imposed on him.

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