Calls for Nova Scotia schools and universities to close amid COVID-19 concerns

As schools and businesses across the country clamp down on travel in response to the surging coronavirus outbreak, many are calling on educational institutions in Nova Scotia to do the same.

Dustin Lindensmith, a father of three, was looking forward to a family trip to New York City over the upcoming march break. But due to mounting concerns about COVID-19, he made the difficult decision to cancel the trip, even if it meant losing out on a couple thousand dollars.

“We have a hotel booked in Times Square, we have tickets to a Broadway show, we’re planning to visit museums, we’re planning to be in central Manhattan where a ton of tourists would be,” he said.

He says the decision wasn’t made lightly, and his biggest concern wasn’t about his family getting infected, but rather them contributing to spreading it in Nova Scotia.

“We’re trying to help the most vulnerable people in our community avoid getting infected and this is the easiest way to do it,” said Lidensmith.

While he feels confident about his decision to cancel the trip and stay home, he’s still concerned that others won’t be doing the same thing, and would like to see action taken at schools to prevent the spread.

“My general concern is that when people go away on vacation next week it’s very likely that they’re unwittingly going to pick up the virus from wherever they’re traveling and bring it back here,” he said.

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