Cat which looks like Hitler breaks both legs and is looking for new home

A cat that looks like Adolf Hitler and Agatha Christie's famous detective Hercules Poirot has fallen out of a window and fractured both its legs meaning he has had to have surgery.

The feline who resembles the duo thanks to his perfect moustache is looking for a new home after luckily escaping with his life from the traumatic fall.

After plunging from a building earlier this month, the kitty was taken to the Putney Animal Hospital where he will have to spend an agonising month in a cage as his hind legs recover after they were both fractured.

The black and white cat earned himself the new moniker thanks to the tache-like markings above his top lip.

Nurses there say he looks exactly like Agatha Christie's famous detective Hercule Poirot – played by David Suchet, 73, in the TV adaptation.

Poirot's moustache was his trademark in the TV series and book, and he was well-known for it.

Others say he looks like Adolf Hitler, a German politician and leader of the Nazi party who had a prominent moustache called "the toothbrush moustache".

During his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, Hitler initiated World War II and was central to the perpetuation of the Holocaust.

The one-year-old cat is now recovering at the animal hospital in London, and it is hoped he will soon be well enough to go into foster care.

Jo Elmes, from the hospital, said: "Poirot is a lovely boy. He's really friendly and affectionate but he has really been in the wars.

"He broke both back legs after falling from a window and needed surgery.

"He's started using his legs again now and, although he's a little wobbly, he's doing really well.

"We're hoping he'll soon be strong enough to go into foster care while he continues to recover."

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