Charles’ dig at Diana on TV after ‘struggling to cope’ with her star power

Prince Charles' jibe at Princess Diana in public has resurfaced in a new documentary, with one royal expert saying he "struggled to cope" with her phenomenon.

The Prince and Princess of Wales attended a White House dinner hosted US President Donald Reagan in November 1985.

Diana stole the show by dancing with Grease actor John Travolta and, according to commentators in ITV's Diana's Decades, Charles was not all that impressed.

The narrator said: "The next morning, Prince Charles made his feelings quite clear."

The royal couple attended a press conference at the launch of "The Treasure Houses of Britain: 500 Years of Private Patronage and Art Collecting".

At the press conference, Charles wanted to talk about the exhibition, but the reporters repeatedly asked about Diana instead.

Charles responded to the journalist: "Well, I'm not a glove puppet, so I can't answer for that I'm afraid.

He turned around and asked Diana: "But I think, I think you enjoyed it, didn't you, darling?"

Diana looked at him nervously and nodded.

"Be an idiot if she didn't enjoy dancing with John Travolta, wouldn't she?" Charles added.

Stewart Purvis, former editor of ITN News, said: "I don't think he was deliberately trying to do her down.

"I just think he couldn't quite cope with the phenomenon that had been created, that he had helped create."

The narrator added: "What had been intended as a profile building tour for the future king of England had turned into one long prom night for his wife.

"It might have done wonders for the two countries' special relationships, but it had done nothing for theirs."

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