China ‘preparing for military engagement’ with US as American ship mock-ups used for drill

China ‘preparing for military engagement’ says expert

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The Australian’s Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, stated China was gearing up for conflict with the US after images were released showing the Asian country transporting replicas of American warships. The mock-ups, being transported across the Chinese desert, come as Bejing has ramped up the expansion of its military as tensions soar in the South China Sea. Mr Sheridan stated China was trying to take advantage of the weak Biden administration and was exploring ways to increase its defence capabilities.

Speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Sheridan warned tensions were escalating between China and the US as China wished to capitalise on a “weak” Joe Biden.

He told the broadcaster: “On the Chinese, yeah, they are preparing for military engagement with the Americans to take Taiwan.

“And given how weak the Biden administration looks and that its key allies like Australia will be in a position to make zero contribution at all.

“You wouldn’t be surprised if they were making very serious calculations right now.

“Now it doesn’t guarantee they’re going to take action or anything.

“I mean, on balance, I still think probably they won’t, but they unlike us, they have a purpose in their defence policy.

“Unlike us, they have a discipline about their defence procurement.

“Unlike us, they get capabilities which are relevant to their national security needs and that is tremendously dangerous for the Americans or the Taiwanese.

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“And, of course, for [Australia] more than anyone except perhaps the Taiwanese.”

Images captured by satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies showed the outlines of a US aircraft carrier and destroyers.

The images, taken on Sunday, captured the events in the Ruoqiang county in the Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang region.

The independent US Naval Institute (USNI) said the fake US ships were part of a new target range developed by the People’s Liberation Army.

Chinese Information Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said about the images: “I’m not aware of the situation you mentioned”.

Liberal senator and former major general Jim Molan also told Sky News that Australia is “not prepared at all” to fight a war in the Pacific against China.

Mr Molan added he was not confident the US could intervene in any conflict and instead of fearing conflict arising, he was most worried about it not with the US taking a back seat on affairs.

Discussing the likelihood of war breaking out, he said: “It’s likely and becoming more likely because so much is going on but it is not inevitable.

“My fear is that a war between China and the US may occur and we get caught in collateral damage or even more frightening the US – because it hasn’t won a war game in the last couple of years over a Taiwan scenario – is that they don’t engage and Taiwan falls.”

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