Claim of innocence by nature of being a woman riles Blenheim judge

Rachael Mary Brocket’s attempt at “arguing a claim of innocence as a woman” has failed to impress a judge.

In fact, it downright angered Judge David Ruth, who is known to speak his mind at times.

When Brocket was due in the stand in the Blenheim District Court today, a voice from the public gallery said it “sounded like it might be my name”, but at first she refused to budge from her seat.

Brocket was appearing on a charge of obstructing and hindering police, for what Open Justice understood was linked to the anti-mandate protest in Wellington.

“Be quiet for goodness sake,” Judge Ruth told Brocket as she tried to argue her case from the back row of the public gallery.

As she reluctantly made her way to stand near the dock, Judge Ruth continued his reprimand, telling her that what she had filed to the court constituted “absolutely pathetic paperwork”.

“Don’t file anything like that in this court again,” Judge Ruth told Brocket as she then attempted to carve her own path through the court process, saying she had a right to claim innocence by the mere fact she was a woman.

Judge Ruth asked her again if she planned to admit the charge or plead not guilty, before recording a not guilty plea on her behalf based on her refusal to enter a plea.

Brocket was remanded at large to a case review hearing on June 20.

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