Cocaine Cassie denies funding lifestyle with OnlyFans and calls it no go

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Convicted drug mule "Cocaine Cassie" has hit back at comments made over her lifestyle being funded by OnlyFans.

The popular app is notorious for its adult content, but it would appear Cassie, 27, has hit out at the site and those that believe she is funding her lifestyle with it, calling it a "no go".

The Australian drug dealer took to Instagram and addressed a few questions she had been asked "a number of times", including how she was currently funding her lifestyle.

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It appears that the adult app OnlyFans isn't the source of her cash, with Cassie Sainsbury taking to Instagram to hit back at such claims.

Taking to Instagram, Cassie lamented the thought of using OnlyFans to fund her living situation, saying: "I've had so many questions about OnlyFans, so I'm just going to be clearing those things up today.

"I've had a lot of comments about me maintaining my life with OnlyFans."

The convicted drug mule had two blunt words for those that believed she was funding her life with money made from the adult app, and they were "not true."

She continued: "Not true. At all. It's been a long time since I've done OnlyFans, and even then when I did have it I didn't get into the nitty gritty of it.

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"So yeah, let's just leave that one out please. No go for OnlyFans guys."

Daily Star has since reported the details of Cocaine Cassie's crimes, including deliberately smuggling cocaine out of Colombia, with a bombshell interview revealing the details.

Cassie had been caught out with 5.8kg of cocaine stashed in 18 headphone boxes inside of her suitcase while boarding a flight from Bogota to London in April 2017.

She was initially sentenced to six years of jail time inside the notorious El Buen Pastor female prison, but was released early in April 2020.

In an interview with 7News, Cassie revealed that the contents of the headphone boxes were no mystery and she knew exactly what she was transporting.

She said: ""I knew what was in it."

The ex-fitness instructor's admission comes as she had initially claimed she was transporting documents, not the hefty amount of illegal substances found on her person.

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