Conspiracy theorists say Queen’s coffin will be empty today to fool terrorists

Conspiracy theorists think Queen Elizabeth's coffin will be empty at her funeral as a ploy to dupe terrorists.

Last Wednesday, the late monarch's coffin was transported from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, prompting theories that it was empty.

The idea that the Queen's remains would spend nearly two weeks in a coffin before being buried fuelled questions about how it would be preserved, but also convinced others that her body was elsewhere.

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And one Mumsnet user thinks that with the coverage of funeral procession pinpointing exactly where the coffin is, this would make a great opportunity for terrorists to attack – and maybe even take the Queen's remains hostage.

The Brit mum wrote on the site: "I do think it's a massive security nightmare having her body being transported from one end of the UK to another whilst the entire journey is broadcast over international TV.

"I'd imagine if some terrorist organisation wanted to intercept the coffin and hold it for ransom, all of this made it a hell of a lot easier for them to do so!"

In reality, it is likely that the coffin is lead-lined and that the Queen's remains are embalmed to preserve her body. However, the security concerns are not without standing.

Indeed, the UK's largest ever anti-terror operation is underway for today's funeral – with snipers, elite soldiers and advanced gadgets on standby.

Heads of state, prime ministers, presidents, royalty and other officials are in London, as well as hundreds of thousands of mourners.

The high profile nature of the event has seen the Government direct the vast majority of the country's security and police forces to the capital to protect the event, with a so-called "ring of steel" now in force around Westminster Abbey, where the funeral is being held.

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Professor Anthony Glees exclusively told Daily Star how jihadists, "fruitcakes" and Extinction Rebellion members pose a risk today, while a lack of police outside the capital could could make areas outside of London vulnerable.

The University of Buckingham professor, who specialises in intelligence-led security policies and practices, exclusively told the Daily Star: “This will be a security nightmare, of course, with all our spooks and cops involved 24/7.

“(Met Police chief) Sir Mark Rowley is a very safe pair of hands, and highly regarded, and our name would be mud if anything happened – so it can't.

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"There will be a severe lack of cops and yellow jackets outside of London and Windsor but even crooks respect the Queen and I think they'll behave.

“Clearly jihadists may be a problem but I'd guess we know each and everyone of them and they'll be nabbed if there's any sign of trouble.

“My own biggest worry would be the individual fruitcakes and members of Extinction Rebellion. I doubt if the Bearskins will tolerate any nonsense from this quarter.”


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