Coronavirus: Alberta Facebook groups offering support amid COVID-19 pandemic

At a time when we are supposed to be distancing ourselves for safety — Albertans are coming together in spirit.

In Edmonton, a Facebook group — YEG Community Response to COVID-19 — is aimed at connecting people in need with those offering to help any way they can.

“Often times it’s people at the grass roots who can mobilize the fastest and get out to community,” Renée Vaugeois said Sunday.

“It’s the people who are the most marginalized, the people who are left really isolated that we really need to reach out to.”

Vaugeois initiated the online community Friday.

In just a couple of days, thousands joined.

“I was assuming this when I started it that people — when they would post a request for support — that people would pick it up right away, and I’m seeing that,” she said.

She is one of about 40 volunteers now behind the group. Teams have been set up to moderate the page and identify needs, from mental health supports to basic supplies.

“There’s a team organizing around the different wards … throughout the city by region to make sure we can support effectively,” Vaugeois explained.

Sienna Holden is one of the administrators for a similar group in Calgary — YYC COVID-19 Volunteers.

“The more we can connect now, the more proactive we can be,” she said Sunday.

She said people started connecting just hours after that Facebook page went up Friday.

“It’s really practical stuff people are asking for,” Holden said.

“I think a lot of what we are also seeing is people are really scared — they are needing a place to express that.”

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