Coronavirus: Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association wants clarity on new border rules

Recent restrictions imposed by the federal government limiting travelers from entering Canada have caused some concern in the Atlantic trucking industry.

Jean-Marc Picard, the executive director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association said with a number of temporary foreign workers serving as truck drivers in the region there remains a level of uncertainty at the Canada-United States border.

“There’s been a few incidents already since last night, therefore, it’s causing even more anxiety in the driver population,” explained Picard.

“So we’re obviously talking to other provinces and our national organization to try to get ahead of the situation so it doesn’t get any worse.”

He said he’s fielded a number of calls from members who are worried that they won’t be permitted back into Canada after completing routine pickups in the US.

While declaring the trucking industry as an essential service will allow them to operate as usual, Picard said an increase in the number of questions from border officials underscores the need for more clarity from the federal government.

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