Coronavirus could see divorce spike as couples go into isolation, lawyer warns

Britain’s coronavirus lockdown could lead to a spike in divorce rates, a top lawyer has warned.

Baroness Shackleton – who helped Prince Charles and Sir Paul McCartney through marriage splits – warned peers that self-isolation could see thousands of couples split.

She told the House of Lords: ”Our peak times are after long exposure during the summer holidays and over Christmas.

"One only has to imagine what it's going to be like when families are sealed in a property for a long period of time."

Government health experts have ordered entire households to go into quarantine for 14 days if one person has a persistent cough or fever.

It comes after the Chinese city of Xi’an saw a record number of divorce requests after going into lockdown.

Health officials claimed the quarantine led to hundreds of arguments between lovers.

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But one claimed many couples decided to remarry after the quickie divorces.

Last night a top sports psychologist claimed the stress of isolation made one Premier League ace sleep with his wife’s sister.

Writing in The Sun, Steve Pope claimed the unnamed player called to say he “got wrecked” from the stress of isolation.

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He said: “One player phoned the other day to say, ‘I got wrecked and ended up sleeping with my wife’s sister’.

“Many players are mentally lazy. They are told when to train, what to eat, where to turn up, how to play.

“The ones I have spoken to are suffering from stress and anxiety, moving already towards depression.

“I’ve had well over 30 calls from players in England, four so far from Northern Ireland, over a dozen more from players I work or have worked with on the continent.”

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