Coronavirus end: When will coronavirus end? Expert reveals end date

Coronavirus has surged on a deadly path through most of the world now, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) declares the disease a pandemic. COVID-19 has now established a foothold, with many countries yet to see a peak in infections, and experts believe it could remain for months to come. 

A leading Chinese epidemiologist said COVID-19 could continue to circulate for months to come. 

Speaking in a press conference from the city of Guangzhou, China last month, Zhong Nanshan, former president of the Chinese Medical Association who discovered the SARS outbreak in 2003, said the virus could circulate until summer this year.

He said: “The development of the global epidemic is projected to continue until at least June.”

Currently, it appears most countries are yet to experience a peak in infections, as some European nations continue to see an increase in daily infections. 


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Italy, which has served as the European foothold of COVID-19, recently saw its most dramatic daily increase in deaths, at 196.

The UK saw 86 new cases on Wednesday night, the biggest overnight increase which brings total infections to 460. 

Officials with the World Health Organisation (WHO) have formally declared a pandemic, criticising several countries’ failure to implement appropriate measures against COVID-19. 

However, optimism is growing in China, where experts believe virus cases have peaked. 

China’s National Health Commission said it believes the country has passed a peak in infections, more than three months after the first infections cropped up. 

A spokesperson for the commission said the outbreak was “generally over”, noting a dramatic reduction in both new cases and deaths.

Mi Feng said new cases amounted to just 15 on Wednesday, with 11 additional deaths.

China still retains the most infections in the world, however, with the bulk of cases and deaths at 80,932 and 3,172 respectively. 

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