Coronavirus: Meals on Wheels has increase of clients due to social distancing

Deliveries from meals on wheels have been a little different lately due to the new social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“What I miss the most is knowing they are OK,” said volunteer Norma Myers.

Myers has been volunteering with the meal delivery organization for six months. She would normally stay and chat with the clients, sometimes being the highlight of their day, but now amid the novel coronavirus concerns, meals are being left on doorsteps.

Most of the organization’s clients are over 80 years old — the most at risk for developing complications from the novel coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19.

With calls for social distancing from the province, the organization is seeing an increase in demand.

That has the volunteer-run organization needing more volunteers and donations to keep up with the projected growing need to help some of the most vulnerable people.

“We deliver around 200 meals a week right now, some people get seven meals a week some people get three meals a week,” said Marion Bremner, Meals on Wheels manager.

“This is quite a difficult time for us because we are having to buy supplies we don’t normally need to as well.”

To donate or volunteer your time to the charitable organization, visit the Meals on Wheels website here.

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