Coronavirus: Noses being sanitized at an Edmonton seniors home

These days, washing and sanitizing our hands is top of mind, as COVID-19 continues to spread. Now, Christenson Communities senior homes are taking it a step further by also disinfecting noses.

Christenson Communities partnered with Vancouver-based company Ondine Biomedical, hoping to prevent staff and residents from getting or spreading coronavirus.

“We swab each nostril, with a pre-saturated swab that has the blue gel in it, and we make sure that we are getting good coverage because the gel can attach itself to the microbes, and then we insert the light tips to illuminate that area for just a few minutes and that causes the rupture of these cells of the microbes,” Ondine Biomedical corporate development director Angelika Vance said.

Christenson Communities have senior facilities in central and northern Alberta. They first tested this method in Edmonton at Village at Westmount.

This technology called Steriwave ND Photodisinfection was invented more than 10 years ago to reduce surgical infections, and the company says those infections have been reduced by 80 per cent in the last decade.

It is too early to know if this method will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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