Coronavirus Russia deaths: How many coronavirus cases in Russia?

COVID-19 has claimed 10,394 lives in over 170 countries, as the number of confirmed cases stands at 253,525. Coronavirus refers to the group of viruses it belongs to, as opposed to the individual strain. 

WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom said in February: “We have a name for the disease and it is COVID-19.

“We had to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual or group of people, and which is also pronounceable and related to the disease.

“Having a name matters to prevent the use of other names that can be inaccurate or stigmatising.

“It also gives us a standard format to use for any future coronavirus outbreaks.”


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How many coronavirus cases and deaths in Russia?

Russia confirmed its first-ever coronavirus related death yesterday (Thursday, March 19).

The country has registered 147 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but has reported no more deaths.

The unnamed woman, believed to be 79-year-old, was first hospitalised early last week before being moved to an infectious diseases hospital after testing positive for coronavirus – according to Moscow’s coronavirus headquarters on its Telegram channel.

Doctors initially believed the woman died as a result of pneumonia, but pathologists later determined it was actually a blog clot that killed her.


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Svetlana Krasnova, head physician at Moscow’s Infectious Diseases Hospital, said: “The elderly patient had a number of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, artery disease and hypertension.

“The patient was given complete and comprehensive intensive care.”

Moscow’s coronavirus headquarters said that it had established the patient’s immediate contacts and placed them under medical supervision.

They added that none of the people close to the patient are so far showing any symptoms of COVId-19.

What is Russia doing to stop the outbreak?

Russian scientists have started testing prototypes for a potential coronavirus vaccine, on animals in a laboratory in Siberia, Russia’s consumer health regulator said today.

Scientists in the Vektor State Virology and Biotechnology Centre in the city of Novosibirsk had developed prototypes bases on six different technological platforms, and began tests on Monday this week to try to work out how effective they are and in what doses they could be administered.

Moscow authorities this week urged elderly residents to stay away from crowded areas, like restaurants, cafes and shopping centres.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin called for people to “cut down on contacts as much as possible” during a Government meeting, before banning gatherings of more than 50 people and closing universities and schools.

President Vladimir Putin said that the situation in Russia is “generally under control”, and the Government has promised to ramp up testing numbers.

President Putin also said outbreaks of infection had been controlled as Russia had closed its borders to tourists and foreigners.

Russian authorities also revealed plans to speed-build a second 500-bed hospital to treat victims of COVID-19.

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