Coronavirus: The Coast lays off nearly 20 staff members, halts printing

The Coast has laid off nearly 20 staff members and is halting its print production because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter posted on the weekly newspaper’s website, publisher Christine Oreskovich and editor Kyle Shaw called the decision “a difficult step, without precedent in The Coast’s 27 years.”

“The base of local businesses whose advertising helps support The Coast — a base that tilts towards bars, restaurants and events — has been shut down,” the letter reads.

“That shut-down extends to our ticketing service and the events like Halifax Burger Week that we produce, as another way to raise money that helps support the newspaper.”

The final edition of The Coast for the foreseeable future came out Thursday morning.

“Save it as a collector’s edition, your time capsule of Halifax from before,” the letter continued.

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