Coronavirus TikTok challenge sees girl lick toilet seat in ‘disgusting’ video

A woman has been blasted online after she uploaded a video of herself licking a toilet seat onto popular social media platform TikTok .

Influencer Ava Louise, 22, shared the video on TikTok, where she licked a toilet seat and uploaded it with the caption, coronavirus challenge.

When she was done, Ava threw up two V signs for the camera and posed with a cheeky pout for her followers.

The video, which appeared to have been filmed in a plane toilet, has now been seen more than two million times since it was first uploaded on Saturday.

But, the blonde’s ludicrous antics were universally met by horrified responses online.

One said: “No, please don’t make coronavirus challenges that’s just seriously stupid who licks the toilet seat.”

Another added: “Yep, next-level stupid s*** happening.”

A third commented: “I can’t recall a time I’ve been more disgusted.”

Ava was also called out for doing something that could risk her getting the deadly coronavirus.

Defending her actions, Ava took to Twitter, saying it wasn’t the worst thing she had put her lips around.

The influencer said: “I’ve eaten a dude’s a**, how is this different? Jeez.”

She also claimed the stunt was part of a “social experiment” and quizzed how people could be “mad”.

Ava added: “Please RT this so people can know how to be properly sanitary on the airplane.”

But, viewers compared the craze to the earlier Tide Pod challenge that put teens’ lives at risk .

The craze, which swept the US in 2018, saw young people gorge on washing detergent – despite numerous warnings it could cause vomiting, diarrhoea, bleach burn and foaming at the mouth.

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