Covert Russian Spetnaz units already in Ukraine right now warns former US Navy commander

Russia: Putin ‘playing a game of chess’ says expert

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A retired US Navy commander has warned the Russian special forces are already stationed in Kiev and are spying on Ukraine troop movements. Kirk Lippold’s concern comes amid rising tensions between Vladimir Putin and NATO amid a huge troop buildup by the Kremlin on the borders of Ukraine. Mr Lippold argued that military action by Russia was increasingly likely. 

Mr Lippold told Fox News: “I think [an invasion] growing in probability.

“I mean, I just found out today from one of my sources that the Russians actually have Spetsnaz, which are military intelligence units inserted and operating out of safe houses in the capital of Kiev.

“They’re providing targeting data, they’re providing movements on what is going on with the government, they’re already in-country right now. 

“So to say that they’re waiting for an invasion isn’t going to happen, but Putin is also smart.

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“He’s playing a game of chess and hopefully we’re not playing the game of checkers,” he added.

“When you really look at it he is sitting there saying, I’m not going to do anything until springtime.

“The Russians learned the hard lesson in World War Two, as did the Germans in fighting in the wintertime is not the smartest thing to do.

“The worst thing we can have is that collusion between Russia and China where they move at the same time, Russia in the Ukraine and China toward Taiwan.”

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“Yeah, that’s a nightmare scenario,” added Fox News host Charles Payne. 

It comes as the Russian Ministry of Defence released footage showing the successful test-firing of a new anti-air missile during navy drills in the Baltic.

A Russian corvette class warship can be seen tracking and then destroying an airborne target.

The Russian MoD footage shows the corvette manoeuvring in the Baltic Sea before conducting the launch.

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Codenamed “Redut”, the new Russian air defence system can be seen tracking a target on an infra-red sensor.

The test ends with a successful hit on a fast-moving target resulting in an in-air explosion.

Russia has been conducting a series of military drills and readiness exercises amid ongoing tensions over Ukraine. 

Russia’s deployment of tens of thousands of troops to the north, east, and south of Ukraine had fuelled fears in Kyiv and Western capitals that Moscow was planning an attack.

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